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Brunton Estate Gewurztraminer 2015

Brunton Estate Gewurztraminer 2015


Gisborne's landmark Brunton Estate has been sold and Advintage has been appointed to clear all remaining stocks for the previous owners. This exclusive opportunity puts a collection of high quality, small-batch wines in the market at unprecedented prices. Secure your own requirements before cutting friends and colleagues in on the action.

WHAT A STORY: New Zealand's finest ever gewurz is available again!

When Nick Nobilo's well-documented quest to make world class Gewurztraminer in Gisborne sadly hit the financial wall, the owners of Brunton Estate purchased a parcel of the fabled 'Vinoptima' from Nick's Ormond winery to be bottled under their own label. It was bottled in standard burgundy glass simply because the winery had run out of their trademark long-neck 'Alsace' bottles.

We think that we are right in saying that, at that time, Vinoptima was New Zealand's most expensive white wine. Obviously, Brunton Estate sold this wine at a significantly lower price point, but the fact remains that this is truly elite gewurztraminer that sits at the same quality level as the finest examples Alsace has to offer.

Now, 9 years on from harvest, this is mature wine and the palate remains broad, rich and weighty - with strong classical gewurztraminer characters to the fore. Vinoptima was always a lavish, medium style and that residual sugar has given this 2015 release an almost dessert-wine-like unctuousness, with dialed down acidity and plenty of mouthfilling texture. 

Those that have tasted Vinoptima before will know what's on offer here - and have probably stopped reading by now and hit the checkout. That's a good move. If you want to own some bottles of New Zealand wine history, this exclusive opportunity is unlikely to be repeated.  Match with spicy, special occasion dishes or sumptuous fruit desserts whenever you can.

This deal will fly out the door. Secure your requirements while stocks last.  


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Buy any 12 bottles and get the case rate
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Tasting Notes

This wine exhibits luscious yellow-gold hues with the slightest tint of pink. There are aromas of ripe pear, mandarin zest and nectarine integrated with fine mixed-spice. The palate is broad, rich and weighty with strong classical gewurztraminer characters to the fore. The wine envelopes the tongue and displays sumptuous tropical fruit, citrus and dried apricot flavours. An excellent luscious Gewurztraminer similar in style to the great wines of Alsace.

Food Pairing
Stock Level: High
Vintage: 2015
Volume: 750ML
Alcohol: 14
Seal Type: Screwcap

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Brunton Estate Gewurztraminer 2015

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