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Widely regarded as the aromatic champion, viognier is one of our favourite exotic white wine varieties for good reason. Viognier can best be described as a blend of the freshness of riesling, the spice of gewurztraminer and the palate weight reminiscent of chardonnay, capturing the best of all worlds. No one loves a viognier deal more than Advintage, and we’re always looking for new drops to add to our arsenal. Take a look at our awesome range of viognier from New Zealand, Australia and France below.
Food Pairing

Taste and Common Flavours

Viognier, (vee-on-yay), is typically characterized by a full-bodied palate feel with high viscosity and an oily sensation on the palate. Expect to be greeted by lovely tropical fruit flavours such as honeysuckle, orange peel and peach on the palate. If you tend to go for full-bodied chardonnay, you’ll find a lot to love in viognier.

Viognier Growing Regions

We stock a range of awesome New Zealand Viognier to tickle your taste buds, with some of the best expressions hailing from Hawke’s Bay and France.

There have been many great viogniers to come out of the Barossa Valley in Australia too.

Food Pairing

iognier is best paired with flavourful dishes such as lightly spiced Asian-influenced cuisine. Try Chilli Chicken served over saffron rice for a delicious dining experience. The aromatics of viognier make it a really food friendly wine.

How to store Viognier

The best way to store viognier is out of direct sunlight and heat. For best results, keep your viognier in the fridge for no longer than 1-2 days before serving in a chilled glass.