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Chardonnay is one of the world’s beloved white wine grapes noted for its range of styles; from big, buttery, oaky expressions to more toned down, lighter-bodied, refined examples. It’s our most popular varietal by a country mile. Chardonnay is incredibly food-friendly, so opt for food pairings such as shellfish, seasoned poultry or pork dishes. Have a browse of our extensive range of chardonnay from all around the world below.

Taste and Common Flavours

Chardonnay is a particularly popular variety due to its versatility and range of styles perfected by many skilled winemakers. Its range of styles is heavily influenced by soils, climate, ageing and fermentation methods.

Generally speaking, classic chardonnay displays notes of fresh stonefruit and citrus in a medium-bodied framework. Ageing in oak barrels is a common process used to impart flavours of vanilla and buttery goodness. Additionally, the fermentation process known as ‘malolactic fermentation’ also influences chardonnay, where malic acids are converted into soft, rounder lactic acids. This adds to the fullness and creaminess that has captured the hearts of chardonnay disciples worldwide.

Growing Regions

Most New Zealand Chardonnay hails from Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne and Marlborough where the growing conditions are optimal and yield extremely desirable outcomes.

French Chardonnay and Californian Chardonnay are also popular categories, putting a different spin on this extremely versatile variety. There’s a chardonnay style for everyone.

Food Pairing

A safe option to pair with chardonnay is definitely any kind of shellfish, fish or pasta soaked in creamy sauces to compliment the creaminess of the variety. Light poultry dishes also work well with chardonnay.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, a nice grilled steak will go down a treat with more full-bodied, big chardonnays.

How to Store

Chardonnay should be kept in the fridge prior to serving.