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Syrah, the red wine varietal originating from France, has rapidly gained a cult following for its fruit-forward approachability and peppery, spicy characters. For many years, syrah was predominantly produced in Europe, but production has since spread worldwide. Check out our range of syrah below and pair your selection with barbeque pork, grilled lamb or any gamey meats for a match made in heaven.
Food Pairing

Taste and Common Flavours

Although shiraz and syrah are made from virtually the same grape, there’s key differences between the two. Syrah is particularly forgiving and approachable, so if you’re new to red wine or generally drink white wines will find lots to love. In comparison to its sister varietal shiraz, its less fruit-driven and more on the savoury and elegant side. Expect flavours of herbs, red and black fruits along with spicy, peppery notes as it unfolds. Generally, it comes dry and full-bodied with nice acidity and relatively high alcohol levels.

Syrah Growing Regions

Syrah was originally planted in the Rhone Valley in France.

Here in New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay is a massive producing region of syrah, famous for creating wines with an abundance of accolades from top wine reviewers. Syrah wines from Hawke’s Bay tend to exhibit all the hallmark qualities of classic syrah - flavours of black pepper, dark fruits with a deep, ruby-red hue in the glass. Other large producing regions in New Zealand Syrah include Marlborough and Waiheke Island, where the syrah expressions are generally lovely and elegant.

Food Pairing

Syrah grown in warmer climates will work particularly well with barbeque pork dishes. Whereas the more prominent fruit flavours of syrah grown in cooler climate conditions pairs beautifully with grilled lamb dishes or any gamey meats with a hint of mint to garnish. You can’t go wrong pairing syrah with hard cheeses too. Delish!

How to store Syrah

Syrah is best stored in a cool, dark area away from sunlight or heat to maximize its shelf life. To serve, a red wine glass with a wide bowl is perfect to unleash the aromas and flavours.