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Advintage is one of New Zealand’s largest and most trusted online wine retailers. Every month we deliver  thousands of cases to customers nationwide and we will always go out of our way to make sure that you enjoy shopping with us. If you like good wines and really good prices, you’re definitely in the right place.

Everyone who works at Advintage loves wine and knows what they’re talking about. We’ve built our reputation by offering better deals and better service than you’ll find elsewhere and we are famous for our down to earth attitude about wine.  That means whether you're looking for fine wines for your cellar, or a few quaffers to top up the kitchen cupboard, we'll give you our undivided attention and the best deal available.

Unlike a lot of online businesses, Advintage is a real ‘bricks and mortar’ store. We operate from a huge Hawke’s Bay warehouse  -  right in the heart of Wine Country.  It’s a wine lovers treasure trove.  If you are ever in the Bay, please drop in. We’d love to see you.

Mac Macpherson           John 'Mac' Macpherson
    Head Honcho    
Advintage was the classic indulge a passion adventure for Mac. Blessed with the ability to sell ice to Eskimos, but cursed with a fear of snow and travel, he targeted the wine industry with the zealous passion of a man who could finally buy as much wine as he wanted without his accountant and long suffering wife doing the haka.

From the start it was clear that traditionally accepted marketing behaviour was not on Mac’s radar and Advintage was never going to be like other wine businesses. 

The rest is wine retail history. Famously opinionated about everything and with a natural aversion to pretentious wine gits, Mac is responsible for charging off in all directions whilst the rest of the Advintage team nod knowingly and really run the business. 


Gilly Greville     Gilly Greville 
    Operations Manager  

Managing logistics in a run and gun environment like Advintage is like counting ice cubes in a fry pan, but someone has to do it and thank goodness Gilly does.

A long time Advintage client before we convinced her to come to the Dark Side, Gilly is blessed with a mind like a trap and spends her time focussed on trade related issues and keeping Advintage stocked and running smoothly. 

Cool, calm and collected? Well, she’d probably like to think so - but we reckon focused, frantic and fun is more on the money. 

But be warned. 
Don't cross her. 
You'll live to regret it.    


   Erin Christison
   Office Manager

Erin joined us in 2008 to run the Advintage HQ office. Not simply happy as an over achiever, Erin has developed a simultaneous-multiple-multitasking technique that could revolutionise the corporate world if she was cloned. She is also the nicest person in the world, unless you owe us money. 

Apart from taking care of our accounting and stock control functions, Erin is the person you're most likely to talk to when you phone our office and she is your first port of call if you ever have a problem. 

Trust us. You'll love her. Everyone does. 


       Pip Macpherson
   Owner/ Sales/ Event Consultant 

There is a cruel rumour circulating around the staff room that Pip joined Advintage when Mac hid the remote control at home and she didn't have anything else to do. But anyone who knows Pip knows that's not true. Pip was born with her sleeves rolled up and joins our front of house team whenever the pressure is on.  Which is often. You'll hear her before you see her.  She also makes the best scones on the planet.


Sarah Bowler       Sarah Bowler
    Marketing Manager

She may be new to the wine gig but Sarah’s got game. She joined us after a stint working for digital agencies in the UK, and brings a fresh set of eyes and a new level of professional to the Advintage table.  Sarah coordinates and finesses all aspects of our marketing drives. A Marton native, she is loving the big smoke of Havelock North and the fact she is now distanced from the infamous Guy Williams video of her home town. 



Will Macpherson 

     Will Macpherson
   Easy Tiger Spirits

Will told Mac over lockdown that he had to get over himself and start selling  spirits. Against all odds and 20 years of stubbornly sticking to ‘wine only’ sales, Mac listened - and Will cunningly secured himself a role as spirits buyer for what is now a fast growing aspect of our business.  Based in Auckland, Will is also in charge of Easy Tiger, our spirits sister site that offers good booze at good prices. Hard to argue with that.


Magic Mike 

   Micheal Turfrey
  Retail Manager

We rescued ‘Magic’ Mike from a stint managing a supermarket liquor department in Central Hawkes Bay. Anyone who survives in that environment deserves a break so we threw him into the deep end at Advintage and he’s never looked back. Magic’s quiet, unassuming nature and demon work ethic have made him an instant favourite with our team and he’s always here to help you whenever you call into store. Our secret mission is to get him dancing on the table with the rest of us at our next staff party. Watch this space. 


Beth Woods     Beth Woods
  Customer Support

Beth is new to the wine game but she comes to us with a strong family connection and an even stronger worth ethic. With years of hands-on, team leadership roles under her belt, she’s a bit of a star - and we’re stoked to have her taking on the customer service role at Advintage HQ.  


Tim       Tim Macpherson

Tim has worked on and off at Advintage since he was a kid, and we’re stoked to have him back on the floor again working with the rest of the retail team. Tim’s always been a firm customer favourite, but approach him instore with caution. He has a natural ability to turn single bottle shoppers into multi-case buyers and he can put an extra zero on your credit card receipt before you know it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Katie       Katie Bachman

You know you've got game when you're 18 and you leave Mid-West America to study patissere in Paris and we're stoked to have Katie join our front of house team. She's left behind the world of fine dining kitchens to enter the world of wine and we love that a long time supporter of our business is now one of the gang. Make sure you say hi next time you see her in store and try and hustle her chocolate chip cookie recipe. You'll thank us later.


Shane Harrison      Shane Harrison
   Retail & Storeman

Shane is the best storeman we have ever employed at Advintage, with a work ethic that makes the Energizer Bunny look like a complete underachiever. With 30 years experience in the wine & spirits trade under his belt, he has in depth knowledge of Australasian wines and is a trusted member of our tasting group. Catch him sitting around doing nothing and Mac will give you $5. Good luck.