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Wine Gringo Grenache Nouveau 2023

Wine Gringo Grenache Nouveau 2023

South Australia, Australia

Though Kiwis have been a bit slow on the uptake, lighter-bodied chilled red wines are becoming mainstream in global markets, as buyers discover the simple joys of this deliciously satisfying wine style.

Wine Gringo is produced from South Australian Grenache that, in many ways, has been treated like a white wine in the winery. The soft plum and cherry flavours synonymous with grenache remain front and centre, but the tannin and grippy mouthfeel associated with red wine is nowhere to be seen. What you get is a crunchy, full-bodied rosé style that comes alive after half an hour in the fridge, but still carries the distinct flavours of those glossy grenache fruits.

If you want to be the first in your book club to bust out a chilled red this summer, Wine Gringo Grenache Nouveau would be a very friendly place to start. Go on. You know you want to.


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Tasting Notes

The winery writes "Deliciously crunchy and bright, this 'nouveau' style Grenache was picked early to preserve natural acidity and to give its juicy, red-fruit driven palate. Made from South Australian grenache grapes, bottled young and recommended to be served with a chill. Light in colour and style, flavours of red plum and cherry with a soft acidity. When chilled, red fruit flavours are fresh and distinguished."

Stock Level: High
Vintage: 2023
Volume: 750ML
Alcohol: 12%
Seal Type: Screwcap

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Wine Gringo Grenache Nouveau 2023

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