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Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV MAGNUM
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Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV MAGNUM


Go on - spoil yourself. A magnum is always better!

GOLD MEDAL | New Zealand International Wine Show 2018.
FIVE STARS and RANKED #5 CHAMPAGNE OVER $100 | Cuisine Magazine.

A powerful expression of all that makes Champagne special. Glamour, exclusivity and X-factor just drip from this iconic wine. You know you love it. The only question is how much?

Established in 1829, Bollinger is one of Champagne's mythical houses as well as one of the last surviving independent houses. And everything points to it remaining that way, with its 150 hectares of vines (with rare French ungrafted vines, from before the phylloxera epedemic) which make up 70% of its supply. Thanks to the fermentation in oak barrels, you will notice a unique "Bollinger" touch, which guarantees that the bottles can be stored in the cellar.

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Tasting Notes

If you like a classic Champagne style with plenty of yeast and brioche characters and are looking for a bright appley palate then here you go. Everyone should have a major Bolly experience once in their lives. It never fails to impress so go on. You deserve it.

Cuisine magazine writes "Bollinger keeps pretty quiet about any changes to its wines, but the non-vintage Brut has been subtly transformed in recent years, giving away a little of its rather old-fashioned oxidative style in favour of a more vibrant model.That said, this wine will still please traditionalists with its winning combination of apple, nut brittle, mealy and meaty complexities, and rich, toasty depth. It’s still concentrated and opulent, but it is fresher than it used to be and all the more satisfying as a result."

Food Pairing
Stock Level: Limited
Vintage: NV
Volume: 1500ML
Alcohol: 12
Seal Type: Cork

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Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV MAGNUM

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