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Terra Sancta Aperitivo Botanical
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Terra Sancta Aperitivo Botanical

Central Otago, New Zealand

"Absolutely delicious. One of the most exciting products released by the New Zealand wine trade in years." | Mac Macpherson - Advintage Owner

This exciting aperitif has been produced from a Central Otago Pinot Gris wine base combined with a secret blend of 16 botanicals sourced by Terra Sancta including kanuka, horopito, rosehip, elderberry, yarrow, thyme, sage, hawthorne & artichoke. It's been lightly fortified (it weighs in at 18.5%) but dances gracefully across the palate with waves of refreshing botannical flavours underpinned by an Aperol-esque bitter orange base.

Any comparisons to Aperol have to end there though as this Aperitivo clearly operates on a whole new level. It is just such a wonderfully fresh and vibrant drink and we can tell you from experience that is it sure to steal the show when you next have friends over and you're out to impress. We love it served straight up over ice with some orange peel and fresh mint, but other serving suggestions are detailed below. Take a bow Terra Sancta. A star is born. Bravo!

Option 1 - On the rocks - pour 60ml into a glass over ice.
Option 2 - Cube and a splash - as above, but with the addition of a splash of soda (or to taste). Add mint and a slice of orange for additional finesse.
Option 3 - Terra Sancta Botanical Spritz - 1:1:splash - as above but with the addition of 60ml dry sparkling wine (Prosecco or similar).

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Tasting Notes

The winery writes "Energy. Intensity. Vibrancy. Brilliant red. Captivating perfume. Fresh strawberries, elderberries, brambles. Herbal notes. Thyme, sage, wormwood. Spicy horopito, tangy citrus. Perfect balance. Gentle bitterness. Ambrosian finish. Persists. Delicious."

Stock Level: Low
Vintage: NV
Volume: 700ML
Seal Type: Cork

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Terra Sancta Aperitivo Botanical

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I love this with bubbles.