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St Andrews Limes Limonade 330ml Can x 24
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St Andrews Limes Limonade 330ml Can x 24


This bright, fresh summer sparkling drink is produced just around the corner from Advintage by Matt and Tracy Day of St Andrews Limes. They were looking for a no sugar option to quench their thirst, a healthy option that they could also add to a nice glass of gin after a hard day in their lime grove. 

And so Limonade was born. We love the bright funky cans and the zesty, lime soda within. It's lightly carbonated and we think it makes everything taster better. Grab a slab immediately.   

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Tasting Notes

St Andrews write "Our new zesty, sassy and refreshingly cool sparkling drink has arrived! Stored for your convenience in a can, tantalise your taste buds with our mix of lemonade and lime fruit juice. NO sugar or nasties have been added - simply carbonated to quench your thirst and add a sparkle to your day!"

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St Andrews Limes Limonade 330ml Can x 24

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