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Berliner Pilsner BEER 4x6 packs (24 x 330ml cans)

Berliner Pilsner BEER 4x6 packs (24 x 330ml cans)


NOW JUST $30 per tray of 24 x 330ml cans - that's 50% OFF RRP! 

It's taken 21 years in the booze trade for us to do a beer deal but when this incredible opportunity crossed our desks, we just couldn't say no.

If you don't know this famous brand it is definitely worth a Google. Berliner Pilsner has been a stalwart of Berlin culture since its introduction to the German Democratic Republic in 1963 and is proudly Berlin's top selling beer. It's a classic German Pilsner - clean, fresh and thirst quenching. We aren't beer experts but to our minds it tastes in the Heineken spectrum but with slightly more body - and every single person we have tasted it with to date has immediately purchased a few 24 pack slabs. And that, dear reader, is a true story. 

Why so cheap? Simple. The Berliner parcel we have purchased is coming up to its best before date of 08 August 2020 and the importer wanted to move this stock through a non-traditional channel so they don't undercut their existing market. We can assure you that this stock is in 100% perfect condition and will remain as fresh and delicious as the day it was brewed for many, many months to come.  Stock is limited. Climb in. 

ORDERING & BEER FREIGHT: This deal is only available in multiples of 24 x 330ml cans. Our checkout recognises 1 x 24 pack of Berliner as the equivalent of 6 bottles of wine. All our standard shipping rates apply. For freight reasons, there are no returns on this product.

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Tasting Notes

A perfectly clear golden pour with a generous white head. Roasted malt and hay on the nose, slight caramel malt taste and a crisp clean finish. An excellent example of a pilsner, Prost!

Stock Level: High

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Berliner Pilsner BEER 4x6 packs (24 x 330ml cans)

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